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Greene County Legislature votes for jail bond; most expensive project in county history gets green light

Sep 20, 2018 7:00 am
Greene County legislators voted Sept. 19 for a $39 million bond to partially pay for the most expensive project in county history, a new Greene County jail. The current jail is in Catskill, but was closed earlier in the year because the building is dangerously in disrepair. The plan is to build a new facility in Coxsackie. Catskill's legislative team split on the bond vote, with Linda Overbaugh, and Matt Luvera, voting to move the facility out of Catskill, and Michael Bulich and Kevin C. Lennon voting against the measure. Also voting for the measure were Cairo's William B. Lawrence and Harry A. Lennon; Hunter's Larry Gardner; Greenville's Kevin Lewis; Athens' Lee Palmateer; New Baltimore's Patrick S. Linger; and Coxsackie's Thomas M. Hobart and Charles A. Martinez. Windham's Lori Torgersen, and Durham's Aidan O’Connor, Jr. were the other 'no' votes. The legislature had been previously considering a much cheaper proposal to share a facility with Columbia County. PLAY EXCERPT OF THE VOTE HERE.