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Molinaro announces intention to cut taxes

Sep 25, 2018 1:00 pm
Carl Campanile is reporting for the New York Post Republican gubernatorial candidate Marcus Molinaro says, if elected, he will move to slash property taxes by nearly 30 percent. “The Empire State Freedom Plan will finally liberate property taxpayers, small businesses owners, farmers and families from the dream-crushing tax burden they are forced to live under with Andrew Cuomo,” Molinaro said during a speech to the New York State Business Council, September 24. Molinaro said property taxes in New York are not only oppressive, but they are also "foolishly counterproductive." The Tivoli Republican said he would make permanent the 2 percent property tax cap imposed by Cuomo in 2011, and expand it to New York City. He also called for a complete state takeover of local Medicaid costs, but said little more, promising to roll out more specifics about his plan in the coming weeks. Cuomo campaign spokesperson Abbey Collins challenged Molinaro to produce the specifics. His so-called plan to cut taxes is heavy on rhetoric and light on details, she said. Read the full story in the New York Post.