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Radio News: Resonance FM celebrates 20 years

May 09, 2022 11:33 pm

Radio Today reports that London's Resonance FM celebrates 20 years of broadcasting this month as one of the world's most creative radio stations. Around the world Resonance FM is known for its radio art, and in England it is known one of the first stations in an experimental program to allow community radio there. “Resonance delivers Arts and Culture on-air through performance, audio arts projects and the wildest cultural conversation anywhere on radio,” said Helen Boaden, former Director of BBC Radio. The station has aired shows such as "Shut Your Eyes to Art" which was a talk show broadcasting from the Tate Modern museum with blindfolded participants who have never met, and are given no topic of conversation. Resonance FM also airs several shows that are also on WGXC, including the field-recordings-as-composition show "Framework," and "Radia," where a show from one of a network of art-interested radio stations around the world contribute an episode each week. Resonance FM has been called “The best radio station in London” by The Guardian and “The UK’s most creative independent radio station” by the Daily Telegraph.