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Unicorns do not exist, but two Albany County legislators are not calling for Cuomo to resign

Aug 06, 2021 6:33 am

Steve Hughes reports in the Times Union that while virtually every other Democrat and Republican in the state has called for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign or be impeached, Albany County's legislative leadership won't go that far. On Aug. 3, New York Attorney General Letitia ("La-teesh-shu") James released a report about Cuomo sexually harassing 11 women. Before that, Columbia County Assemblymember Didi Barrett was one of the only major local politicians who did not call for Cuomo's ouster. Barrett said she was waiting for the investigation, and when James released her report, she joined the chorus calling for Cuomo to resign. But not the Democrats who head the Albany County Legislature. “It is incumbent upon leaders to ensure it does not persist when it is identified and the necessary actions are taken when it does,” Chair Andrew Joyce and Majority Leader Dennis Feeney wrote in a statement that did not call for resignation nor impeachment. Frank Mauriello, the Legislature’s Republican minority leader, did not have a problem calling for Cuomo’s resignation. “Leaders of both parties — up to and including the President — are calling on Governor Cuomo to resign, this is not a partisan issue, but one of conscience,” Mauriello said in an email Aug. 5. Read more about this story in the Times Union.