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Sounds of the Hudson Valley

Sep 15, 2013 12:02 am
[caption width="345" align="alignleft"] Sonogram of a short-winged meadow katydid. From Natural and Agricultural Observations In & Around Hawthorne Valley.[/caption]Conrad Vispo from the Farmscape Ecology Program tracks the local soundscape, noting what insects are making what noises in the local meadows and woods these days, in a post at the blog "Natural and Agricultural Observations In & Around Hawthorne Valley." Vispo has been listening in the Hudson Valley, and posts audio files of animals such as the short-winged meadow cricket and the black-horned tree cricket, with sonograms of what those sounds look like. "There are the whines of cicadas, the chirps of ground crickets, the droning trills of tree crickets, the static purr of meadow katydids, the self-proclaiming shout of the True Katydid," he writes. "The members of the chorus vary by time and location, but if you begin to insect-watch with your ears, you’ll find a diversity of small creatures making big sounds."