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Soul Fire Farm founder wins award

Sep 20, 2023 12:21 pm

News10 reports that Leah Penniman, the co-founder of Soul Fire Farm in Rensselaer County, is a recipient of the 28th Heinz Awards for the Economy. Penniman will get an unrestricted cash award of $250,000. Soul Fire Farm teaches regenerative farming best practices and land stewardship to Black, Indigenous and People of Color. The 80-acre non-profit farm has youth education programs, urban plantings, mobilization training and a community-supported agriculture program, with more than 38,000 people participating in the trainings last year. Penniman said, “We have a very ambitious mission, which is justice in the food system.... We want to train and equip and support the next generation of Black and Brown farmers. Stewarding our own land, growing our own food, educating our own youth, participating in our own health care and justice systems, this is the source of real power and dignity.” Read more about this story at the News10 website.