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Fish farm suing Greenport over well-drilling ban

Oct 20, 2015 5:43 am
Roger Hannigan Gilson is reporting in the Register-Star Hudson Valley Fish Farm has taken legal action against the town of Greenport to nullify a local law making it illegal to drill wells within one of the town's water districts. Hudson Valley is attempting to establish a trout farm at the location on Route 9, formerly occupied by Local Ocean. Wells have been drilled at the farm, but must receive Department of Environmental Conservation approval before they are operational. The company alleges the law, adopted by the town in May, was aimed specifically at them and would harm the fledgling business. Hudson Valley also argues the farm is protected because it lies within an agricultural district. The town has denied the allegations. Greenport Town Supervisor John Porreca said the wells could potentially drain the aquifer that supplies water to the town, and would result in cross-contamination of the water supply. A hydrogeologist hired by the farm found the farm's wells draw from a different water source than the town’s aquifers. Hudson Valley Fish Farm would produce more than two million pounds of steelhead trout a year and employ 25 to 30 workers when operational. Read the full story in the Register-Star.