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Catskill working on new short-term rental laws

Feb 04, 2022 6:00 am

Ted Remsnyder is reporting for Columbia-Greene Media the town of Catskill is now in the process of crafting zoning regulations for short-term rental properties. The town board examined the first draft of the zoning proposals from the planning board on Feb. 1. Under the first draft of those changes, a short-term rental permit would be required prior to a property being used as a short-term rental. The short-term rental agreement would be good for one calendar year. The units would have to be inspected by the town code enforcement officer for compliance with town and state codes. “We’ve still got a ways to go,” Catskill Town Supervisor Dale Finch said this week. “We fine-tuned it a little bit more last night and we’re really going to go back and look at it again. So we’re probably not looking at a public hearing until March. Then we’ll get into the public hearings and depending on how that goes, we’ll move forward with enacting some of those zoning changes.” Under the proposed zoning codes, a short-term rental permit would be transferable to a new owner, as long as the new owner registers with the town, updates the short-term rental permit application and agrees in writing to comply with the requirements of the short-term rental permit and these regulations within 30 days of sale. Town board member Jared Giordiano said, “The town board made some changes and then it’ll go back to those guys and they’ll look at them again and see if they want any additional changes. Then we’ll move forward with the process.” The board is also weighing changes to its solar zoning regulations. Under the potential changes to the solar zoning laws, capacity would be increased for residential solar units. Read more at HudsonValley360 [dot] com.