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Hudson transfers lots to Habitat for Humanity

Jan 19, 2011 1:23 pm
Carole Osterink in The Gossips of Rivertown reports that at Tuesday night's Hudson Common Council meeting the city approved the transfer of three city-owned lots on the 200 block of Columbia St. to Habitat for Humanity. Habitat needed a commitment from the City before the end of the month in order to apply for two major grants, which was put in doubt by the weather and Fifth Ward Alderman Dick Goetz's three-month winter holiday in Florida. Fourth Ward Alderman Sheila Ramsey also did not make the meeting, and until Third Ward Alderman Chris Wagoner arrived late, the resolution lacked the necessary votes to pass. Wagoner did get all the ice off his car and made it to the meeting to pass the resolution, and Habitat will get to build new houses for low-income residents. Common Council President Don Moore said that a program would be made available to residents of the Bliss Towers housing project to help them qualify to buy the Habitat houses.