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Audio Feature: May 11 Hudson Planning Board Meeting

May 12, 2017 8:30 am
Listen or download audio (43:16) from the city of Hudson Planning Board public hearings and regular meeting. (Meeting outline with times below.) Recorded by Jess Puglisi.

Hudson Planning Board
Thu., May. 11, 6:30 p.m., City Hall

Call to order
2:15: Public hearing, 5 E. Court St. No public comments.
2:45: Public hearing, 239 Warren St. Public hearing. Requires site plan approval.
5:00: Public hearing, 205 to 207 Warren St. hearing. No public comment.
6:24: Regular meeting opens.
6:38: Minutes approved.
7:00: Question re E. Court project from board member Ginna Moore about parking.
7:50: Question re E. Court project from board member Laura Margolis, about purpose of project.
8:25: Motion to accept.
8:45: SEQR
10:36: Negative SEQR declaration approved.
11:00: Unanimous approval of site plan.
13:30: Question re 239 Warren St. project from board member Clark Wieman dabout the design of the storefront. Response from architect Lee Armstrong.
15:20: Application accepted.
15:35: SEQR
16:40: Negative SEQR declaration.
17:09: Application unanimously approved.
19:29: 205-207 Warren St. project. Hudson Code Enforcement Officer Craig Haigh informs board that the applicant (absent) must go to the Hudson Historic Preservation Commission. Application tabled until June.
20:43: New application for 255 Union Street.
22:36: Hudson Armory project. Jason O’Toole presents new plans for egress. etc.
27:30: Margolis asks about windows.
27:45: Wieman asks about tenant, current use.
28:10: Moore asks about sidewalk, fire exits.
29:30: O’Toole reviews parking study.
34:30: Haigh on parking requirements in city code.
35:00: O’Toole on busses.
38:00: Planning Board Chairman Tom DePietro comments re parking requirements and site plan approval.
38:29: Exchange between Margolis and O'Toole re parking.
40:30: Public hearing about Armory project will be held in June.
41:30: Peter Davis re 205 Warren Street application. Will appear before the Historic Preservation Commission, Fr., May 12.
Meeting adjourned at 7:14 p.m.