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Jazz Guitar Workshop with Matt Bell

Jul 12, 2010 11:17 am
Jazz Guitar Workshop with Matt Belll
Sunday, July 18, 2010, 2-6 p.m.
at Musica, 17 North 4th St., Hudson.

Bring $45 and leave with a small swing repertoire clear handouts using chord diagrams as well as standard notation and the tools and knowledge to bring to life countless wonderful early jazz, pop and blues songs on your own. The class will teach right hand rhythm; a handful of juicy movable chords; the "in-between" sounds including moving progressions, turnarounds and endings, and a little bit of easy theory that you are already using didn't know there was a name for it. Want to know how to strum along with Al Casey on Fats Waller’s recordings? Danny Barker, Dick McDonough, and Freddie Green on Billie Holidays classic recordings? Allen Reuss in Benny Goodmans early big band? What about backing up a jazz violinist the way Eddie Lang or Django Reinhardt did? Maybe you prefer the sounds of the Texas Playboys and other western swing groups? In this style the guitar acts as a chording instrument as well as a steady time-keeper. Moving away from open chords, we will use the stock “energizer bunnies” of swing chords to translate song chart symbols directly to your fret-board. While learning a few standard swing tunes, basic turnarounds and fill in chords will gradually be added and explained, then used in other songs. Theory will be kept to basic language used on the bandstand and to act as an aid in understanding and memorizing the progressions of different songs.
Duration: 4 hours with a short break.
Price: $45 either cash or check.
You will need: an acoustic guitar and pick, three-ring binder for worksheets, and a music stand.
Please contact Matt in advance to sign up at 541.377.0889.
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