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Cuomo to include plastic bag ban, bottle bill expansion in state budget

Jan 14, 2019 12:31 am
On Jan. 13 Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a bottle bill expansion and a plastic bag ban that he will include in the 2019 Executive Budget. The Governor wants to expand New York's Bottle Bill to make most non-alcoholic drink containers eligible for five-cent redemption, and ban all single-use plastic bags. "While the federal government is taking our environmental progress backwards and selling out our communities to polluters and oil companies, in New York we are moving forward with the nation's strongest environmental policies and doing everything in our power to protect our natural resources for future generations," Cuomo was quoted in a press release. "These bold actions to ban plastic bags and promote recycling will reduce litter in our communities, protect our water and create a cleaner and greener New York for all." Online, several environmentalists applauded the move, but wanted to also eliminate paper shopping bags. The day before, Cuomo announced he will include a measure to raise the age to purchase tobacco or E-cigarette products to 21 years of age.