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Resident denied access to town records

May 03, 2012 8:53 am
W.T. Eckert reports in The Daily Mail New Baltimore resident Shelly Van Etten has been denied access to public records. Van Etten, a member of the town zoning board of appeals and a business owner, submitted a Freedom of Information Law request for the answers to five questions submitted by town planning board candidates. The request was denied and Van Etten has appealed twice. The town says the answers are personnel records, but New York State Committee on Open Government Executive Director Robert J. Freeman disagreed. “I think that Jane Q. Public is being bullied,” Freeman said about Van Etten's records battle. New Baltimore Town Attorney David Wukitsch told the paper Freeman interprets the law very broadly because "he believes that almost everything is in the public domain. We view it a little more narrowly.” Read the full story in The Daily Mail.