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Lawmakers hear from Styrofoam industry representatives

Jun 09, 2016 6:30 am

Katie Kocijanski is reporting in The Daily Mail as Greene County lawmakers consider a new local law to regulate the use of Styrofoam materials at food establishments, the county Legislature heard from Styrofoam industry representatives during a recent Public Safety Committee meeting. Similar laws have been adopted in Ulster and Albany counties. The committee heard from Mike Levy, a senior director of the American Chemistry Council, and Chris DeAngelis, from Gen Pak, a food packaging manufacturer based in Glens Falls. Levy told the committee the foam is 98 percent air, and that much of the material currently produced should be recycled. DeAngelis said a major advantage to using Styrofoam is its cost -- the material is cheaper than other products used to package food. He said Styrofoam was banned in Albany County because of the large amount of litter found in the streets. Levy denied there are any ill effects associated with the use of the material. Read the full story in The Daily Mail.