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Leaves are starting to turn locally

Sep 23, 2022 12:03 am

New York's latest foliage report shows leaves just beginning to turn colors locally. "In Greene County, spotters reporting from the upper elevations of the towns of Hunter and Windham predict up to 35 percent color change, with green, yellow, and red leaves of average brilliance. Spotters in Catskill expect 15 percent foliage change featuring orange and red leaves of average brilliance," the report says. "In the Hudson Valley, Columbia County foliage spotters in Hudson expect just about 10 percent change this weekend and mostly yellow leaves, while Dutchess County spotters reporting from Hopewell Junction expect up to 10-15 percent color change and red leaves of average brilliance. Spotters in Beacon are predicting up to 10 percent transition with some yellow leaves of average brilliance appearing." Read more about this at New York State's foliage report.