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Ravena tree-trimming goes too far

Jun 04, 2021 11:33 am

Melanie Lekocevic reports for Capital Region Independent Media in the Ravena News that a Central Hudson-hired worker last week trimmed a pair of trees on Main Street in Ravena for “routine vegetation management” but went too far, and the trees had to be taken down. “We do this routinely to keep tree limbs clear from transmission and power lines,” Central Hudson spokesperson Joe Jenkins said. “In this instance, there were two trees on Main Street where our crews were working. Those trees have been part of our regular trimming schedule.” But after the worker did the regular trimming, someone in a truck with strobe lights on the roof who fooled crew members into thinking he was a village official, asked the crew to trim back the tree even more. “They then performed additional trimming because this individual said it was needed because limbs were brushing against trucks driving down the road,” Jenkins said. “The crew complied with the request.” But that person was not a village official, and no one knows who he was. “The landscape of our Main Street has been destroyed for the next century,” Mayor Bill Misuraca said. Central Hudson then sent contractors out to remove the trees altogether, but left stumps, which now have flower pots on top. Read more about this story in the Ravena News.