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Troy police allegedly attack activist asking for complaint form

Aug 22, 2020 12:04 am
Melissa Schuman reports for the Troy Record that a citizen went to the Troy Police office Aug. 21 to file a complaint, and without a form to complain, but covered in bruises and with his arm in a sling. At a protest later in the day about his abuse by police, someone ran a car into the group of protesters, and charged with reckless endangerment. Kenneth Zeoli is the director of recovery services for the Coalition of Barker Park and the outreach director for recovery services for Equality for Troy. He went to the police department to fill out a form complaining about the removal of chairs from the park. He claims he was refused the form, and that Sargeant Sean Kittle then grabbed him by an arm and threw him down a flight of stairs. He says he was put into a cell for three hours and refused medical help when he had an anxiety-induced seizure. Deputy Police Chief Daniel DeWolf said, "the city recently removed benches from the park in an effort to curb congregating due to the pandemic and unlawful activity. I’m advised that he [Zeoli] was asked a number of times to leave [the police station] and refused. He was then arrested for trespass and unlawful possession of marijuana." Later in the day protesters gathered in Barker Park, and Robert Spinelli drove a car into the crowd and hit two people. Police arrested Spinelli for reckless endangerment. He was also carrying a loaded firearm. "Something smashed into my windshield," Spinelli told CBS6. "I had several yelling screaming in my face. The police officers at that time decided to get me away from the scene."