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Cairo town board to vote again on recycling center

Apr 15, 2022 1:45 pm

Andrea Macko reports in Porcupine Soup that there will be yet another vote on whether the Town of Cairo has a recycling center April 20. The town’s recycling center, in the Angelo Canna Town Park, was closed in October 2020 by the unanimous vote of the board. The board said at the time that, “Greene County Solid Waste Department noted that the Cairo recycling dumpsters had to be dumped into the normal domestic garbage stream due to contamination by unrecyclable materials." So they stopped the recycling theater. The board also cited garbage strewn near the facility and staff harassment. At a meeting earlier this month the board voted against reopening the recycling center. Board member Tim Powers questioned why Cairo should recycle. “My question is, why are we reopening it?," he said. Board member Mary-Jo Cords answered, “We had a lot of people come to town board meetings and say that they wanted the recycling center open." Then Deputy Town Supervisor Cords and Councilperson Michael Flaherty voted in favor of reopening the facility but Councilperson Tim Powers voted against, and three votes of the board's total of five members is needed to pass a motion in Cairo. Town Supervisor Jason Watts and Councilperson Debra Bogins were absent, but that is not expected to be the case April 20, when Watts seems to be the third vote needed to open the facility. “I won’t stop bringing it up,” said Watts. “I want it back.” Read more about this story in Porcupine Soup.