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Lawmakers consider Styrofoam ban

Mar 08, 2016 6:45 am

Katie Kocijanski is reporting in The Daily Mail the Greene County Legislature is considering a new local law that would ban the use of Stryofoam materials at food establishments countywide. Cairo Legislator William Lawrence introduced the measure at the Public Safety Committee meeting last week. Lawrence provided legislators with copies of similar laws from Ulster and Albany counties to review while considering the measure. The ban would include cups and take-out containers made of the material. Lawrence said, “While the effects of Styrofoam containers are still unknown, it is a suspected carcinogen, but it hasn’t be proved.” Anti-Styrofoam activist Charles Lake spoke to the Legislature’s Health Services Committee in February 2014, and advocated for the ban. The first draft of the local law calls for a total moratorium on the use of any disposable food service goods that contains polystyrene foam by restaurants in Greene County. Lawrence acknowledged the process has just begun, and that discussion of the law will continue. Read the full story in The Daily Mail.