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PETA calls for Bailiwick to surrender the bears

Jan 20, 2017 6:45 am

Daniel Zuckerman is reporting in The Daily Mail People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Wed., Jan. 18, released a statement requesting that Bailiwick Ranch and Discovery Zoo surrender its bears to a "reputable animal sanctuary." In the statement, the Norfolk, Virginia-based animal rights organization cited the actions taken by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration in November of last year, after a video surfaced purportedly showing a bear at the facility in distress. If Bailiwick does not address the issues found by the USDA, they could be subjected to further penalties like an open investigation to enforce specific actions, USDA Public Affairs Specialist Tanya Espinosa said. Bailiwick owner Garry Koschitzki said he has done what the USDA has asked of him. "Everything has been complied," he said. PETA believes Bailiwick's animals should be moved to wildlife sanctuaries, Captive Wildlife Specialist for PETA Debbie Metzler said. "It’s time for Bailiwick to close their doors for good. This isn’t the first time Bailiwick has been in trouble with the feds," she said. Bailiwick has been cited several times by the USDA since 2008, according to PETA. Various local visitors shared with the paper their own accounts of stressed Bailiwick animals. One woman, comparing Bailiwick to the former Catskill Game Farm said, "It definitely wasn’t as well taken care of like the Game Farm. I felt bad for the animals." Read the full story in The Daily Mail.