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Lumineers new song features solo from Palenville Firehouse siren

Mar 07, 2022 1:01 pm

Sarah Trafton reports for Porcupine Soup that the first 30 seconds of a song on The Lumineers album features a 30-second solo from the Palenville Firehouse siren. Palenville Fire Department President Blake Garrison recently got a call from management for folk rock band The Lumineers, asking for permission to use a recording of the fire house siren on the song "Remington" on the band’s new album, “Brightside.” “Wesley [Schultz] was walking by our firehouse one day and the fire siren goes off at 12 noon, as it has every day for the last 70 years,” Garrison said of the Lumineers’ founding member and lead vocalist who has a home in the Catskills. “He thought it had a really cool sound to it, so he recorded it with his iPhone.” The song's lyrics also reference the sound. “I awoke from the sleep of a hundred days. To the fire station bells,” in included in the song. producer and Palenville resident Simone Felice, well known locally as a member of The Felice Brothers and a Palenville resident, produced the album. “The Catskill Mountains and the wild ghosts of Rip Van Winkle and Henry Hudson’s crew were definitely infused into the spirit of this album,” he said in a statement. Here are the first 30 seconds of The Lumineer's "Remington" including the Palenville Firehouse siren. Click here to download or play the first 30 seconds of "Remington. Read more about this story at Porcupine Soup.