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Schreibman issued pistol permit over sheriff's objections, just before patricide

Aug 08, 2019 12:11 am
Diane Pineiro-Zucker reports in the Daily Freeman that in May state Supreme Court Justice Julian Schreibman issued Jeremy Kaartine a pistol permit over the objection of the county Sheriff's Office. After Schreibman issued the permit, John McGovern, chief civil officer in the Sheriff's Office, emailed an "officer safety" notice to law-enforcement agencies saying, "Despite the history of domestic [disputes] between Karen Masters, who was forced to surrender her pistol permit, and her son, Jeremy Kaartine, Hon. J. Schreibman, over strenuous objections of myself and Sheriff [Juan] Figueroa, granted Jeremy a pistol permit, restricted to the premises” for two Beretta 9mm handguns. On June 1, Kaartine shot his father in a New Paltz parking lot and then crashed his car in Saugerties, where he shot himself. The New Paltz Police Department said Kaartine shot his father with a legally purchased 9mm pistol, though they did not know where or when the weapon was purchased. Schreibman’s office declined to comment. Schreibman, a Democrat, ran an unsuccessful bid for the 19th Congressional District seat in 2012, losing to Republican Chris Gibson. Read more about this story in the Daily Freeman.