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Cuomo urges New York not to do business with the NRA

Apr 20, 2018 12:15 pm
On April 19 Governor Andrew Cuomo seemed to tell New York organizations to boycott the National Rifle Association. Cuomo's press release says he "directed the Department of Financial Services to urge insurance companies, New York State-chartered banks, and other financial services companies licensed in New York to review any relationships they may have with the National Rifle Association and other similar organizations. Upon this review, the companies are encouraged to consider whether such ties harm their corporate reputations and jeopardize public safety." William Brewer, a lawyer for the NRA, in a statement accused Cuomo of abusing the public’s trust by “mounting a blacklisting campaign that seeks to deprive Second Amendment advocates of banking services and insurance coverage in the State of New York.” Cuomo disagreed. "New York may have the strongest gun laws in the country, but we must push further to ensure that gun safety is a top priority for every individual, company, and organization that does business across the state," Cuomo said.