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Three clerks sell alcohol to minors

Oct 19, 2016 12:04 am
The New York State Police reported at their latest underage drinking sting Oct. 13, they arrested clerks at three Greene County establishments, for selling alcohol to minors. Employees at Captain Kidd’s Inn, West Main Street, Catskill; Beer Universe, State Route 9W, Coxsackie; and Tops, State Route 32, Greenville sold alcohol to a minor as police monitored the sale. Clerks and bartenders at the following locations did not sell alcohol to the minor in the sting, Oct. 13: South Cairo Store, CR-23B, Cairo; Stewart's, SR-23, Cairo; Blackthorne Resort, Sunside Road, Durham; Durham Valley Liquor Store, SR-145, Durham; Milk Run, SR-145, Durham; Cumberland Farms, SR-81, Greenville; Country Square Wines and Liquors, SR-32, Greenville; Rite Aid, SR-32, Greenville; Stewart’s, SR-81, Greenville; Tops, SR-9W, Coxsackie; Bottle and Cork Discount Wine and Liquor, SR-9W, Coxsackie; Stewart’s, SR-9W, Coxsackie; Xtramart, SR-9W, New Baltimore; 21B Sports Bar, SR-9W, New Baltimore; Cumberland Farms, Mansion Street, Coxsackie; Cask and Rasher, Mansion Street, Coxsackie; Sunoco, Mansion Street, Coxsackie; Stewart’s, SR-385, Athens; Valero, SR-23, Catskill; Sunoco, SR-23, Catskill; Catskill Grocers, Main Street, Catskill.