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Coeymans residents question if this is the best time for a new town hall

Jun 30, 2022 2:03 pm

Melanie Lekocevic reports at Capital Region Independent Media that Coeymans officials want to build a new $6 million town hall, but some residents are not so sure the time is right. A handful turned out to question the project at a June 23 public hearing. Town reserves would pay for half the project, and a a 25-year bond would cover the rest, Town Supervisor George McHugh said. “I have been advocating for a new town hall for about 20 years, but sometimes it is timing and I am wondering, can we afford to do it now with inflation going through the roof and the cost of construction going through the roof?” Ravena resident Laszlo Polyak asked. “Might it be better to delay this for a while until we see which way the economy is going to go? Other than that, I don’t see why not, but I would love to see it on the waterfront.” Resident Bob Williams is a member of the village’s planning board but said he was speaking on his own here. “I guess I do feel the same as some of the other residents here — the timing and the cost,” Williams said. “Costs are through the roof right now, materials are hard to get and it’s very expensive. I just think you should look at the timing.” Daniel Boomer wondered if the project was going to happen no matter what anyone said. “I think it is fiscally irresponsible at this time,” Boomer said. “However, it appears to be a done deal and I thank you for allowing us to come down and talk. Perhaps we could have some input on the color of the curtains, but other than that, it all seems like a done deal.” McHugh said the project is still just a proposal. “This hearing is starting tonight but it is not ending tonight,” McHugh said. “We are going to continue it through July 14, so anybody out there who is watching (on livestream) that didn’t come tonight, feel free to come July 14 or email or mail in your comments or questions or suggestions.” Read more about this story at The Upstater.com.