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NYSUT sues state over funding cuts

Sep 17, 2020 5:30 am
Morgan McKay is reporting for State of Politics the New York State United Teachers Union or NYSUT, took legal action September 16, against the state for the pending 20 percent funding cuts to school aid. At present, the Cuomo administration is withholding funds from schools and other services while it waits for federal aid to arrive. According to the Division of Budget, the state is facing a revenue loss of $14.5 billion for just one year as a “result of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Administration officials deny they are cuts, since they will reimburse schools once federal aid arrives. “Time is up,” NYSUT President Andy Pallotta said. “With the loss of state funding driving cuts at the local level in districts around the state, we can’t just keep waiting for action at the federal level to fund our schools. At this point, a lawsuit unfortunately is the necessary next step to compel our leaders to do what’s right...” The case was filed in Albany County Supreme Court, and alleges the funding cuts are unconstitutional and have led to cuts that deprive students of their basic education. NYSUT argues that if these cuts become permanent, school districts that rely on the state for their funding would face massive layoffs later this month. The union is asking in its lawsuit that the state release the money it withheld in July, August and September and that there be an injunction against future withholding of school funding payments. Read the full story at nystateofpolitics [dot] com.