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Squirrel Scramble goes on in Germantown

Mar 01, 2021 5:15 am
Eduardo Medina reports in the Times Union that the Germantown Sportsmen’s Association went ahead with its annual squirrel hunt Feb. 27, despite condemnation from animal rights activists. While Germantown police stood guard, a half-dozen people lingered near the Germantown Sportsmen's Association clubhouse with posters, one of which read: “love for all creatures.” But the “Squirrel Scramble" went ahead, even after the New York State Humane Association asked for the event to be called off because it focused on the “wanton destruction of helpless animals.” There was no indication from the Germantown Sportsmen's Association in the story about how many squirrels died. One commenter on the sportsmen's Facebook page wrote: "My son and myself hunted all day! We did not have any luck but my son told me it was the best thing he has done in a long time!" Read more about this story in the Times Union .