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Hearing held on new Athens village code

Mar 26, 2015 6:40 am
[Updated Mar. 27]
Nearly 50 residents, business owners and other concerned parties gathered in the Athens Village Clerk's office Wed., Mar. 25, for two public hearings on two pending local laws. Local Law #2 would authorize an override of the state-imposed tax levy cap. Local Law #3 would allow for the adoption of the newest version of the village code. The majority of those who spoke were there to comment on the new village code. Citizens spoke out on numerous issues within the proposed code amendments effecting curfew, dogs, grass height, noise, skateboarding, tree trimming, garbage cans, village police and more. Following the hearing Mayor Chris Pfister announced the board would consider the comments offered and vote on passage of the laws at a later time. Trustees Robert June, Anthony Patsky and Peter Alberti were in attendance along with Pfister and village attorney Tal Rappleyea. Trustee Gail Lasher was absent.

(Recorded and produced by Sam Sebren)

PLAY Peggy Snyder, Acting Village Clerk reads the public notice; Mayor Chris Pfister introduced the code (5:34).
PLAY Owen Lipstein, Stewart House owner, commented on the new village code provisions and enforcement (1:44).
PLAY Maria Marla Butler, newly elected Village Trustee discussed who is "we," the historic district and fences (3:54).
PLAY Rick Surrano Jr., former mayoral candidate, commented on the noise the section of the code and how it applies to commercial business (5:54).
PLAY Nora Adelman, Athens Dog Warden and Kris Garvey discussed needed changes to the section on dogs, and noted the "hostile language" aimed at children and dogs contained in the code (4:25).
PLAY Mike Siciliano spoke about the curfew; Win Morrison commented on the code and business (5:54).
PLAY Jacqueline Goddeau and Sam Sebren spoke about the skateboarding restrictions contained in the code (3:16).
PLAY Contractor Brendon Brunner questioned noise restrictions during the day (1:19).
PLAY Ralph Favicchio spoke about the curfew; village attorney Tal Rappleyea responded (5:54).

PLAY full public hearing on Athens Local Law #2 of 2015 to authorize the override of the tax levy limit (11:06).

PLAY full public hearing on Athens Local Law #3 of 2015 to adopt the new village code (1:05:00).
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