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Barrett touts environmental law; Michael denounces City of Hudson budget

Oct 02, 2020 6:35 am
Paul Kirby reports in The Daily Freeman the election for New York's 106th Assembly District this October and early November is between Democratic incumbent Didi Barrett and Republican challenger Dean Michael. Barrett this week released a press release about legislation she sponsored, that was signed last week by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to protect animals in New York even if the federal government takes them off its endangered list. "The federal government has moved to make it easier to remove species from the endangered species list,” Barrett's statement said. “This law protects endangered species in New York state from federal policies that would remove them from the endangered list, regardless of if the state believes that they are still in need of protection. Now those protections will stay in place until the state has conducted its own review of the species’ viability.” Her opponent, Michael, did not tout his support for certain legislation in Albany, but shot a video outside the Hudson police department, denouncing the 10 percent cut to law enforcement announced earlier in the year by Mayor Kamal Johnson. PLAY EXCERPT OF MICHAEL'S VIDEO HERE. If elected to the state Assembly, Michael would not have a vote on any budget issues in the city of Hudson. The 106th District covers most of southern Columbia County and northern Dutchess County.