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Molinaro opposes immigration bill

Feb 06, 2024 12:11 am

Paul Kirby reports in the Daily Freeman that local Republican Rep. Marc Molinaro is opposed to the immigration bill that Republicans negotiated. Former President Donald Trump is against the bill because he wants to run campaigning on the issue, and has changed the minds of many Republicans in the House of Representatives about the legislation. Molinaro said, “The Senate bill includes provisions I can support like funding for law enforcement, but it faces an uncertain path forward in the Senate because it doesn’t close the border.... That’s why I’m calling for an immediate conference meeting with the House, Senate, and White House to develop a real bipartisan solution. We must secure the border and I have always been ready to work to get it done.” Molinaro represents the 19th Congressional District, while Democrat Pat Ryan represents the 18th District and supports the bill. Ryan said that some Republicans in the House, “are working as puppets for Trump.... That is a disservice to the American people." Kathryn Garcia, director of New York's Operations and Infrastructure complained about Molinaro and other New York Republicans standing in the way of improving the immigration situation. Garcia said, “During your time serving in the majority of the House of Representatives, the State of New York has faced an unprecedented humanitarian crisis as more than 170,000 migrants and asylum seekers have arrived in our State.... Governor [Kathy] Hochul has worked for nearly two years with New York City to manage this crisis, investing nearly $2 billion in State funds to date. Meanwhile, you and your colleagues have taken no action to help address this national crisis, and in fact waited until this past week to even reach out to our Administration and express your concerns.” Read more about this story in the Daily Freeman.