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Sheriff clears school social media post

Feb 24, 2018 12:15 am
Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett posted on Facebook Feb. 23 that his office completed the investigation into a video with disturbing images that contained the Ichabod Crane school logo found online shortly after the Florida school shooting. "At no point in the video was there a threat made to the school nor was the video sent to the school district," Bartlett wrote on the Facebook post. "Sheriff’s investigators were able to determine through the course of the investigation that the video in question was a pre-existing video that had been altered with the disturbing images and then uploaded onto a social media site. Investigator’s contacted the Google Corporation and were able to obtain the IP address from where the video had been uploaded. Subsequently interviews were conducted and it was determined whom altered and uploaded the video. As a result of the investigation it has been determined that there is no threat to the Ichabod Crane School District nor was there a crime committed."