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Can your hear me now Taconic Hills?

Nov 23, 2014 12:03 am
Siobhan Barton in the Register-Star reports the Taconic Hills Board of Education on Nov. 19 voted to improve the current radio system used by the transportation department buses. The board will spend $6,000 on new circuit boards for each bus that automatically switch frequencies to find the strongest signal, Transportation Supervisor Rick Viebrock said. Ever since the Federal Communications Commission mandated the Taconic Hills transportation radio system transition to a narrower bandwidth in January 2013, radio reception has not been ideal. “Because of the change, our radio service was cut back quite a bit,” Viebrock told the paper Nov. 21, saying it left half of the district’s 200 square miles without service. “We’ve had minor issues trying to locate children who may have gotten on the wrong bus... And [we] have been unable to reach certain bus drivers." Occasionally, bus drivers pull off to the side of the road to use their cell phones, said Doris Diamond, a district driver of seven years. “I like to joke to Rick that I can roll my window down and shout to him when I'm parked right in front of the school,” she said. “But he can't hear me on the radio.” The reprogramming is scheduled to begin on Dec. 23, after classes, and is expected to be complete when students return Jan. 5. Read the full story in the Register-Star.