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Morning fisticuffs at Hudson school lead to two-hour shelter-in-place

Apr 20, 2022 12:30 am

Jeanette Wolfberg is reporting for The Columbia Paper Hudson Junior-Senior High School went into shelter-in-place for roughly two hours the morning of March 29, as the result of a fight between two students. Jacob Hromada, the student representative to the Hudson Board of Education, reported on the incident to the Board of Education, on April 5. A fight between two students in a classroom spilled over into the hallway, Hromada said. “I was right in the hall when it happened. It was really scary.” As one of the students was being restrained by Sheriff's Deputy Brian McSween, a pocket knife fell from the student’s pocket. According to Superintendent Lisamarie Spindle “at no time was the pocket knife purposefully or threateningly pulled on any individuals.” But the knife was confiscated, and the building went into shelter-in-place mode “to keep hallways and common areas clear while the situation was addressed,” Spindler said in a March 29, message to district parents and guardians. “Additional law enforcement officers arrived at the school to assist the investigation” and to determine when it was safe to resume the normal school day. While officials waited for the student's parent to arrive, everyone else had to stay in one place until they got the clear sign, Hromada reported. “It was the right thing to do, but it put a lot of fear into everybody,” he said. “They thought it involved more than a pocket knife,” he added. Spindler said the district is looking into ways to prevent similar situations in the future, including camera upgrades and a mobile app that would allow students to immediately and anonymously report possible threats. Read the full story in The Columbia Paper.