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Hydraulic fracturing discussed at Bard forum

Apr 18, 2012 1:59 am
WGXC volunteer Sam Sebren reports and recorded audio at a film presentation and panel discussion about "Living Downstream," a film about the increasing amounts of cancer caused by ecological contamination shown at Bard College in Dutchess County, Tue., Apr. 17.

The first recording features keynote speaker, Dr. Jannette Barth, Chief Economist of The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Dr. Barth talks about myths put out by the gas industry regarding gas production and economics, and jobs. CLICK HERE TO PLAY 16:00

The second recording was a Q&A session after the film "Living Downstream" based on biologist Dr. Sandra Steingraber's book. This recording includes answers by Dr. Barth, and Dr. Mark Lytle, chair of the Environmental and Urban Studies program at Bard, and George Smith, s Bard alum who helped organize the event. The conversation turns to problems with legislation in New York and about the recent Germantown moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. CLICK HERE TO PLAY 10:00

The full program for the event is below:
"Based on the acclaimed book by ecologist and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D., 'Living Downstream' is an eloquent and cinematic feature-length documentary. This poetic film follows Sandra during one pivotal year as she travels across North America, working to break the silence about cancer and its environmental links."

Jannette Barth (keynote), President, JM Barth and Associates
Michael Edelstein, Director, Institute for Environmental Studies, Ramapo College
Mark Lytle, Chair, Environmental and Urban Studies, Bard College
Rebecca Barnes (moderator), Professor, Bard Center for Environmental Policy