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NY adoptees can now access their birth records

Jan 14, 2020 1:30 pm
Teri Weaver is reporting for Syracuse [dot] com that beginning Wed., Jan. 15, anyone born in New York and then adopted will be able to request and receive a copy of their original birth certificate that lists their birth parents' names. The law applies to people 18 or older who were born in New York, no matter where they were adopted or live now. One of the law's sponsors, Assemblymember Pam Hunter of Syracuse, estimates that hundreds of people have contacted her office since the legislation was proposed last year. The option to discover the identities of birth parents is “a relief to some people,” she said. “I think that’s a relief for many people.” Birth certificates can be obtained in either one of two ways: through the state Department of Health or through the company VitalChek [dot] com. Applicants will receive a copy of their pre-adaption certificate and any additional information contained in the sealed adoption file. Read the full story at Syracuse [dot] com.