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Catskill trustees begin annual budget work

Feb 06, 2015 6:42 am
Ryan Anglim is reporting in The Daily Mail the annual village budget season has begun in Catskill. Catskill Village President Vincent Seeley said a few capital purchases are currently under discussion by the board of trustees. The board is weighing the feasibility of purchasing a new fire truck for the village fire department for approximately $520,000. A small expansion of the existing firehouse building is also being discussed. Seeley said the building expansion will provide the space needed due to state requirements. A new vehicle for the Catskill Police Department is another potential acquisition. That would cost the village $30,000. Seeley said the purchase of a new patrol car is, like the fire truck, part the village's vehicle replacement program. Another project headed for discussion is the Leeds sewer expansion, listed at an estimated cost of $25,000. The village will hold a series of budget workshops in the coming months. The annual budget appropriations public meeting will be held April 8. Read the full story in The Daily Mail.