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Hudson River anchorage report due soon

Mar 07, 2018 1:23 pm
Mid-Hudson News reports that the Coast Guard is expected to soon release report on industrial barge anchorages on the Hudson River. The Coast Guard is studying navigation, safety, protection of natural resources, community assets, and regional economics after opposition last year shot down a plan to allow 43 industrial barge anchorages between Yonkers and Kingston. The Hudson River Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment review is expected after workshops were held with local officials and environmental activists late last year. Hayley Carlock, Scenic Hudson’s director of environmental advocacy, was at those meetings. “There were other things discussed like creating a harbor management committee, improving a navigational information available to mariners, extending vessel traffic service, things like that, but there was no consensus that there was a need for new anchorages on the Hudson River and it is our hope and our expectation that the final report from the Coast Guard reflects what the consensus was at the workshops,” Carlock said. Read the full story at Mid-Hudson News.