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Radio News: FCC meeting in person without Biden's nominee

Jun 14, 2022 11:33 pm

The Broadcast Law Blog reports that the Federal Communications Commission is back with its monthly public meeting in July in person. The FCC closed its old office building to outside visitors on March 12, 2020. The agency has since moved to a new building. Axios reports that things are not all back to normal, though. The FCC is still a commissioner short, locked in a two-two tie between Republicans and Democrats so nothing much can get accomplished. "Biden was historically slow in picking his nominee," Gigi Sohn, Axios reports, who was nominated last October and has yet to get a full confirmation vote from the U.S. Senate. "The absence of effort from the White House to see this through by pushing a nominee through is frustrating beyond belief," one anonymous advocate for progressive radio policies told Axios. They report that President Joe Biden does not yet have the votes to get his nominee through, with Democrat Joe Manchin undecided, and Democrat Mark Kelly still evaluating her nomination. Sohn authored the net neutrality legislation, and is considered a progressive Democrat. By comparison, former President Trump promoted former FCC commissioner Ajit Pai to chair less than a week after taking office, and got Brendan Carr confirmed for the Republican majority seat by August in his first year.