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Stefanik, Delgado crow about their veterans bills

Nov 12, 2019 12:32 am
Emilie Munson reports in the Times Union that ahead of Veteran's Day this year local Congressional representatives were all atwitter about the work they are doing for those who served in the military. Reps. Antonio Delgado, a Democrat from Rhinebeck, and Elise Stefanik, a Republican from Schuylerville, announced Nov. 7 a bill for more federal funding for New York veterans' cemeteries. In Stefanik's northern 21st District, 8.9 percent of the population 18 years and older are veterans, and in Delgado's 19th Congressional District, 7.4 percent of the population 18 years and older are veterans. Delgado explained he is teaming with a Republican to try and fix something specific. "I was shocked to learn that a technical error in our laws prevents Ulster County and other counties in New York and across the country from accessing much-needed federal funding for its veterans’ cemeteries," Delgado said. "This prohibition severely cripples counties in states like New York that do not have state-operated veterans’ cemeteries, which is why I worked with my colleagues across the aisle and introduced a bill that fixes this problem and ensures local veterans’ cemeteries are properly funded." Stefanik is also crowing about another bipartisan bill passed in the U.S. House last week that she sponsored with Rep. Charlie Crist to create a grant program to develop and maintain special courts for rehabilitating veterans who commit non-violent crimes. Read more about this story in the Times Union.