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Radio News: West Virginia broadband chairman dismisses FCC report

Feb 20, 2018 10:50 pm
TechDirt reports that residents of West Virginia have complained for years about the lack of broadband access there. But the Federal Communications Commission's recent broadband availability report says there is plenty of broadband in West Virginia. Well, the chairman of the state’s broadband council disagrees. "Numbers in a federal report about West Virginians who have access to broadband internet services are “not even close to being correct,” Rob Hinton said Feb. 15. The FCC report claims seven West Virginia counties have 100 percent access to a fixed broadband connection. "To me, this goes beyond having inaccuracies,” he said. “It’s just disappointing. That’s all it is. At what point next year are they going to say West Virginia has 100 percent coverage?" "It’s shameful.... It’s just disappointing that moving forward, this is the kind of data that will dictate where we can invest infrastructure dollars."