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HHA building plans on hold

Apr 25, 2019 2:15 pm
Jeanette Wolfberg is reporting for The Columbia Paper the proposed construction of two four-story apartment buildings on lower State Street in Hudson is on hold, pending a re-evaluations of the options, according to the Hudson Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. “Everything is on the table. Not much is happening yet,” said board Chairman Alan Weaver, at the board's April 10 meeting. “There is nothing new to discuss,” added HHA Executive Director Tim Mattice. “They’ve completed some studies, which are very voluminous and have technical language. Not everybody has read them.” Tenant Commissioner Martin Martinez reported the soil at the location, across the street from Bliss Towers, has been evaluated and "it's an issue," but offered nothing further. Despite the lack of new information, many of the comments from the public in attendance focused on the plan for new buildings, opposition to the creation of new apartments, and a debate over whether Hudson's population is on the rise, or decreasing, as statistics seem to indicate. “We’re trying to function in an environment where there’s a lot of resistance,” said board Vice President Randall Martin. “No one raises an objection when someone builds something elitist,” citing a local hotel. “But when we want to build something for poor people, out come the pitchforks.” Read the full story in The Columbia Paper.