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Cascino fails again to convince court he obeyed order

Sep 05, 2017 6:45 am

Diane Valden is reporting in The Columbia Paper the saga of Salvatore Cascino [kah-SHEE-no] and more than 9,600 cubic yards of illegally dumped solid waste continues. The 77-year-old serial scofflaw was back in front of Columbia County Acting Supreme Court Judge Jonathan Nichols last month, but once again failed to convince the court he had obeyed its order and removed the offending waste from his 300-acre property located on the east side of Route 22 in Copake. The 77-year-old resident of Larchment, Westchester County, was found guilty of criminal and civil contempt by Nichols in February 2016, and he has now been locked up in the Columbia County Jail for more than a year. Nichols heard testimony from Cascino's son, Peter Cascino, Jose Aguilera, the manager at Copake Valley Farm, and Joseph Haight, one of the truck drivers who took part in the hauling operation. Cascino's attorney also called Copake Town Supervisor Jeff Nayer to testify that he had never seen trucks removing material from the property, but he did see that piles of waste had been excavated. In the end, the evidence proved less than convincing, and Nichols ordered Cascino back to jail. Cascino is due back in court on November 8. Read the full story in The Columbia Paper.