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Hudson officials to acknowledge city's ownership of waterfront parcel

Oct 12, 2021 6:00 am

Sam Raudins is reporting for Columbia-Greene Media on October 12, the Hudson Common Council will consider a resolution that would formally acknowledge a parcel on the city's waterfront as city property. Fourth Ward Alderperson John Rosenthal submitted the resolution to the Legal Committee last week, affirming the city’s ownership of a 4.38-acre parcel adjacent to the dock property owned by A. Colarusso and Son, a sand and gravel mine, stone quarry and blacktop company. The company does not dispute ownership of the property. Colarusso has proposed the construction of a haul road from its company facility on Newman Road to the Hudson River, bypassing many of the city streets. The haul road has been an issue of concern for Hudson residents alarmed about the truck traffic and the impact the project would have on the environment. The city’s planning board is currently reviewing the proposal. The resolution, as proposed by Rosenthal, recognizes that the land sale in 1981 was done so illegally. The title searches show the city has a right to the parcel, Rosenthal said. “Given that riverfront property public lands can’t be alienated in any such way unless done by the state Legislature, that this instance of a 4.4-acre parcel being sold by the city illegally to a private owner in (1981), we should address this fact now and claim it for our own...,” Rosenthal said. City attorney Jeff Baker said there is no dispute over the parcel, but the language of the resolution warrants further review. Baker said, "...I think the issue of providing access to it is one of the issues, one of the things that the planning board is looking at now.” The Hudson Common Council will hold its informal meeting Tue., Oct. 12. Read the full story at HudsonValley360 [dot] com.