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Republicans denounce Tonko's impeachment position

Nov 27, 2019 12:11 am
Cayla Harris reports in the Times Union that the anti-impeachment tour of New York's Republican Committee stopped at Democrat Paul Tonko's Albany office Nov. 25. "Paul Tonko was one of the earliest and loudest voices calling for the impeachment of our president, and we see absolutely no impeachable offenses in the inquiry that has gone on," said Nick Langworthy, the chair of the New York State Republican Committee. "They have wasted countless hours of taxpayer's time, treasure and opportunity that they could be focusing on strengthening our economy, creating jobs, getting government out of the way for people and helping us in the Capital Region create jobs." Tonko says the House has passed 275 bills this year that Republicans have ignored in the Senate. "As written in our Constitution, impeachment is a remedy only to be used when misconduct by those in power is so severe that it shakes the very foundations of our democratic republic," Tonko said. "Regrettably, President Trump’s behavior has met this standard." The President has admitted to withholding Congressionally-approved military aid to Ukraine until they announced an investigation into a political rival. Read more about this story in the Times Union.