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Greenville bidding its sewer and water project again

Jul 19, 2021 12:55 pm

Melanie Lekocevic reports for Capital Region Independent Media in the Greenville Pioneer that Greenville's water and sewer extension project is back to the bidding stage, after five proposals came in higher than expected. “We opened bids June 15 and they came in noticeably higher than what was anticipated,” Greenville Town Supervisor Paul Macko said. “We had a conference call with the Environmental Facilities Corporation, which controls the funds, so we have a resolution for a water and sewer upgrade to set a public hearing for the amount of funding we will need to complete the project." The town has $1,972,187 for the project and the lowest bid came in at $2,980,920, so there is a million dollar difference. They may add federal money to the project. “In the COVID-19 relief package to the towns, they are talking about money for infrastructure,” Macko said. “It’s looking like Greenville has just under $400,000 coming in two installments." One bidder suggested the town could save $400,000 by buying a new water tank instead of fixing the old one. When completed, the water and sewer lines would be extended 2,400 feet along Route 81. Read more about this story in the Greenville Pioneer.