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Hudson Valley radio news

Nov 09, 2013 12:31 am
Several radio notes in the news this week:

• The next monthly meeting of the Rip Van Winkle Amateur Radio Club features a "Skywarn Training," to teach local folks to become weather spotters. The National Weather Service runs SKYWARN, a volunteer program with nearly 290,000 trained severe weather spotters. These volunteers send reports of severe weather to the National Weather Service, which alerts the public. If you want to be a weather spotter or are interested in amateur radio, the meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 18 at the Churchtown Firehouse, 2219 County Road 27, in Hudson.

• The Nielsen company relays radio and television "ratings," the numbers of people watching or listening a program. They used to count listeners by their own self-reporting, asking participants to write down their listening or viewing habits in a diary. Almost all of the United States is now counted with more accurate "portable people meters" that automatically record notes about whatever media is consumed. But of the 52 top U.S. markets, four still count listeners the old way: Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and the Hudson Valley in New York.

• Three WGXC programmers running for office are now back on the community airwaves now that election season is over. Third Ward Supervisor Ellen Thurston won re-election in her Hudson race, while Ed Fertik (Claverack town supervisor) and Victor Mendolia (Hudson mayor) lost. They'll now return to their radio shows ("WGXC Afternoon Show" on Thursdays for Thurston; "The Right Opinion" and "@Issue" for Fertik and Mendolia. WGXC programmers who run for office must temporarily give up their hosting duties during campaign season, per WGXC policies.