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Dutchess County welcomes unvaccinated Rensselaer County Medical Examiner to do autopsies there

Oct 06, 2021 2:02 pm

Kenneth C Crowe II reports in the Times Union that first the Albany Medical Center discovered that Rensselaer County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Sikirica was not vaccinated for COVID-19, and said he could not do autopsies there. So Rensselaer County officials announced Sikirica and everyone needed for autopsies would travel to the Glens Falls Hospital to do autopsies there. But that hospital is affiliated with Albany Med, with the same policies that bar the unvaccinated Sikirica from doing autopsies there. Then on Oct. 5, Dutchess County stepped in, and will allow him to work there, despite his unvaccinated status. Who runs Dutchess County? Moderate Republican Marc Molinaro is County Executive, but recently announced he is running for Congress, hoping to take away Democrat Antonio Delgado's 19th Congressional District seat. But first Molinaro must win a primary election next year, and he could face a challenge from a more conservative Republican. Molinaro said the move is an example of county governments working together, but the other regional counties were not letting Sikirica work there because of his lack of vaccination. Sikirica has been refusing any comment to the media during all of this. County officials have not yet said how much it will cost Rensselaer County to do autopsies in Dutchess County. Read more about this story in the Times Union.