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Radio News: Pai says broadband in 2016 was more widespread because of net neutrality repeal last month

Feb 05, 2018 10:50 pm
Ars Technica reports about Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai crowing about how successful stopping net neutrality has been. Citing the new Broadband Deployment Report, the FCC chairman says that broadband deployment is going great in the United States, and it is mostly because of the Dec. 14 vote to repeal of net neutrality rules. Trouble is, the new report only covers broadband deployments through December 2016. So, the Obama administration's FCC is actually responsible for any growth in broadband cited in the report. While the commission voted to repeal net neutrality in Dec. 2017, a full year after the period covered by the report, the repeal does not actually go into effect until two months from now. So the rules -- which are not yet affecting anything -- to allow ISPs to block and throttle Internet traffic or prioritize traffic in exchange for payment are helping spread broadband throughout the country, according to Pai. In the future when ISPs won't need to be as transparent with customers about hidden fees, that will mean more customers in the past will have better access to broadband, according to Pai.