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EPA, in Saratoga, hears about end of Hudson River PCB cleaning

Jul 21, 2017 12:04 am
Marie J. French reports in Politico.com that more than 100 people turned up at a hearing about General Electric cleaning up chemicals from the Hudson River at the Saratoga Hilton July 19, many urging the Environmental Protection Agency to continue the work. Earlier this year, the EPA said it was done removing PCBs from the upper Hudson River even though it will take more than 55 years before all local species of fish from the Hudson River are safe enough for some people to eat once a week. An EPA official claimed, at the second of two public hearings about the end of dredging, that the agency's work is not done. “We’re not abandoning the cleanup,” said Gary Klawinski, EPA's director of the project. “If at some point in the future we see there’s an issue, we’ll evaluate if something needs to be done.” That did not satisfy many of the environmental officials and advocates in the audience. “The EPA should abandon the current wait and see approach,” said the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Kevin Farrar. “This is unacceptable. In short, this is garbage… We have to rely on the state to use its resources to make GE shareholders foot the bill and restore our river,” Sierra Club president Aaron Mair said, to applause from the audience.Read the full story in Politico.com.