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Pittsfield officials endorse 'Fair Share Amendment' ballot question

Mar 28, 2022 12:30 am

Danny Jin is reporting for The Berkshire Eagle the Pittsfield City Council and School Committee each have voted to endorse a November ballot question that would raise funds for education and transportation through an income surtax on top earners. Under the proposal, known as the Fair Share Amendment, Massachusetts residents that make more than $1 million in annual income would pay an additional 4 percent in taxes on income above $1 million. Roughly 21,000 taxpayers or [point] 6 percent of the Commonwealth's residents, would pay 5 percent in taxes on the first $1 million and 9 percent on income above that level. Frank Farkas, a member of the local committee, told the City Council last week that the ballot initiative provides a unique opportunity to support local schools, bring down tuition in community colleges and improve public transportation. Council Vice President Pete White said that he supports the initiative as a way to bring in revenue beyond property taxes or local fees. "This is a way we can bring in more money for education, for infrastructure, for transportation without directly taxing most of our citizens,” White said. Ward 2 City Council member Charles Kronick was the only member to vote against the resolution. Read the full story in The Berkshire Eagle.